Posted on May 7, 2019 by staff

EdTech start-up gains £1.25m funding


UK based EdTech start-up Kinteract has received £1.25 million funding.

The interactive learning record and report system for schools has gained backing from Pembroke VCT and Blackfinch Group.

The education platform aims to enable fast feedback between teachers, students and parents.

Currently used by over 80 schools internationally, its system helps teachers create learning plans for individual pupils, allows all parties to monitor pupil progress and identifies any potential problems.

Blackfinch Group, based in Gloucester, is investing £750,000, with Pembroke VCT, part of Oakley Capital and based in Chelsea, investing £500,000.

Following the investment, Kinteract is preparing to officially launch in the UK and expand its existing footprint in international markets.

The team consists of founders who set up schools globally and worked in digital transformation roles for Pearson and Barclays.

“Despite the investment going into EdTech only 3 per cent of the market is currently digitised,” said CEO Shehzad Najib.

“We aim to address the challenges facing schools of teacher workload, preparing students for jobs of the future and becoming data driven.

“By delivering Kinteract through a social technology experience we have witnessed significant upward trends in communication and collaboration between teachers, students and parents.

“This is a significant investment and one which will support our continued commitment to changing learning and ultimately improving learner outcomes through personalised pathways.”