Posted on December 7, 2016 by staff

Deloitte tech cluster will ‘advance digitisation of health’


A technology partnership launched in conjunction with Deloitte will aim to advance the digitisation of healthcare through the adoption of new, innovative technologies.

The Virtual Technology Cluster Group enables major multi-national companies to attract emerging and disruptive innovators.

A project with the global professional services firm will create Deloitte Healthcare Virtual Technology Cluster (“Deloitte VTC”).

It will operate as a ‘collaborative ecosystem’ aimed at improving access to human and digital capabilities, both in the UK and internationally.

Julian Hunt, of Deloitte LLP, said: “We have long recognised the importance of connecting digital capabilities and innovative technologies with healthcare providers to accelerate the pace of the digitisation.

“The Virtual Technology Cluster model stood out for us as it focused on enabling the acceleration of digital capability, innovative capacity and investment opportunities in the healthcare sector and wider economy.

“We were impressed by the success of the Lockheed Martin UK Virtual Technology Cluster being a practical example of the connectivity delivering accelerating competitive advantage.”

The Deloitte VTC will provide suitable members, expected to range from University projects through to start-ups, SMEs and public companies, with opportunities for commercial partnerships or investment, driven by demand by healthcare providers to advance digitisation.

Businesses or individuals with specialist skills and / or innovative technologies are encouraged to apply to join the virtual community.

There are no membership or other fees, and access to scale up support and commercial mentoring from Industry Experts will also be available.

Auriol Stevens, CEO of The VTC Group, added: “We are delighted to partner with Deloitte on the creation of our second VTC, which will help advance the digitisation of healthcare for the NHS and further afield.

“We are keen to replicate the success of our first cluster, the Lockheed Martin (now Leidos) Virtual Technology Cluster, which is focussed on cybersecurity.

“In Deloitte we have a multi-national organisation, passionate about enhancing the quality of healthcare through technology, with whom we can work to create an ecosystem that will lead to revenue and investment opportunities for all the constituents.

“By connecting innovation with Corporate, the focus will be placed on the patient, ensuring that a better healthcare environment can be achieved.”