The Daily Express described it ‘better than the real thing and not as messy’ and a ‘cut above the rest’.

Andrew Williams, of the Evening Standard, included it in the best upcoming VR games of 2024.

Lawn Mowing Simulator VR by Curve Games and Skyhook Games has developed a cult following and is being tipped to be one of the hit VR games of 2024.

It’s been described as the most ‘authentic hands-on mowing experience of your life’ – so much so that some users have complained of suffering from motion sickness after completing just one lap of the mower.

The game was launched earlier this week and allows to find ‘your inner zen’ through the art of mowing and string trimming.

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Unlike real-life, the sun is always shining in Lawn Mowing Simulator VR with users having a choice of six locations.

They include Dodd Lane Cottages, described as a quintessential English cottage in the sunny countryside, and Old Toby Bed and Breakfast, complete with its own beekeeping zone.

Skyhook Games - Lawn Mowing Simulator VR

Skyhook Games

Players can also make full use of their brand-new garage area to complete repairs and practice their mowing skills.

However the VR has received mixed reviews with one user claiming to have been sick for 30 minutes after using it.

Lawn Mowing Simulator VR is available via the Meta store for £14.99.

Curve Games is an award-winning independent label with a uniquely diverse games catalogue that includes renowned indie hits such as For the King, Bomber Crew, The Ascent, and the multi-million-selling smash hit Human Fall Flat.

Liverpool-based Skyhook Games was founded in 2014. Their first in-house developed title, Lawn Mowing Simulator, was released on PC and Xbox Series S|X in 2021 and PlayStation 4 and 5 in 2022.

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