Posted on February 28, 2019 by staff

BT to recruit more than 1,600 apprentices ahead of 5G rollout


BT has announced the creation of more than 1,600 new apprenticeship and graduate jobs to join its over 80,000 strong UK workforce.

The telecoms giant will recruit talent into the company across areas including engineering, cybersecurity, and TV production, to support the UK’s fast-growing digital sectors.

The new recruits will also support the company’s plans to extend 4G coverage and build the latest 5G networks around the UK.

These figures are in addition to Openreach’s recent drive to bring in 3,000 engineers to support their fibre broadband ambitions. BT and Openreach are currently delivering a wide range of apprenticeships to over 6,000 learners.

Many of the apprentices will achieve foundation and full degrees as part of their work at BT, while graduate recruits will also have the opportunity to secure fully funded qualifications.

The scheme is delivered in partnership with local colleges, training partners and universities.

“We’re proud to be a leading employer of apprentices and graduates in the UK, investing in training thousands of people to give them the digital skills they’ll need to prosper,” said Alison Wilcox, HR Director, BT Group.

“Through our apprenticeship and graduate programmes, we are able to attract people from all walks of life, allowing us to bring in new perspectives and develop a highly skilled, committed workforce.

“I look forward to welcoming the new recruits who are joining BT at such an exciting time.”

BT Group is one of the UK’s largest employers with 82,800 people based in the UK. The new roles, which include those within EE and Plusnet, are spread across a number of locations including London, Glasgow, Belfast, Warrington, Bristol, Cardiff, Doncaster and Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

BT has developed and offered apprenticeships for more than 60 years and has a commitment to helping individuals meet the demands for innovation and digital skills in the UK. B

T’s Work Ready programme was launched in 2014 specifically for NEETS (Not in Education, Employment or Training). To date, more than 6,500 people from around the UK have participated and more than half have gone on to either gain employment or return to education.