Posted on January 9, 2020 by staff

Aston Villa star Tyrone Mings invests in football fan app


England international Tyrone Mings has invested in football fan app JAFA.

JAFA – an acronym for Just A Fan’s Analysis – is a platform for football supporters, allowing them to read personalised news and engage with fellow fans.

The Milton Keynes firm is currently running a crowdfund campaign which ends on 18th January and has attracted over 180 investors, including Aston Villa and England star Mings.

JAFA reached their funding goal in 48 hours, but released more equity.

“Fans are passionate, and fan engagement is changing,” said Mings.

“People want to be in control and seek a personalised experience. That’s what JAFA brings. As an investor it’s been great to watch the business go from strength to strength last year and now is the perfect time to bring the fans on our journey.”

The app currently has more than 20,000 downloads, it said.

EO and co-founder Dan Bedi added: “Being a fan-first business, we want that to be reflected in our shareholder base.

“We believe this is a fantastic time to join our exciting journey as we seek to fundamentally change the way football fans engage.”