Posted on March 10, 2017 by staff

AccessPay using humour to take sting out of FinTech


Manchester FinTech firm AccessPay is embarking on a mission to guide British businesses through ‘a rollercoaster year’ for the banking and finance sector.

Aiming to simplify the complexity around new regulations, the company will produce accessible guidance and delivering user-friendly products.

One of these is The Little Book of Payment Horrors, a humorous collection of real-life payment misadventures, detailing the trials and tribulations of financial crisis.

AccessPay also released a brand new extensive resource centre, a series of blogs, infographics and webinars, with the aim to help businesses, banks and consumers, tackle financial challenges.

Anish Kapoor, CEO, said: “The changes in the market are largely welcome and, if implemented as intended, should see organisations able to make and process payments with confidence and speed.

“However, organisations will of course need to evolve, embrace and adapt to these changes.

“We are keen to be at the forefront of educating and preparing leaders for the market and champion an approach that supports both business, banks and consumers.

“We are keen to provide a little levity to an industry famed for complex regulation frameworks and laborious detail. The Little Book of Payment Horrors, which describes real events in a humorous and playful tone, is testament to that.”

The Manchester-based firm is a specialist in cloud-based payments technology, and has championed the evolution of payments and finance since its establishment in 2012.

With new legislation on the horizon, including the EU payments directive PSD2 and the Open Banking initiative, there is set to be an overhaul on the movement of money, the ease of banking and the way payments are made and processed for both businesses and consumers.

The implementation and complexity of some of these new regulations have left some anxious about whether they are adequately informed to cope with this renovation of payments procedure.