Five cybersecurity innovators have been chosen to work with the UK’s technical experts to address some of the most prevalent threats facing the nation.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) – a part of GCHQ – and Plexal, the innovation company, have revealed the first companies to join the recently launched NCSC For Startups initiative. 

The programme welcomes startups at all stages of maturity; from those developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), to those with established cyber security solutions looking to expand into new markets and pilot technology. 

NCSC For Startups is the successor to the NCSC Cyber Accelerator, a programme which helped more than 40 tech companies raise over £100 million in external investment.

The chosen companies will receive direct support from Plexal’s cyber innovation team and leading experts from the NCSC and GCHQ. 

Startups will also gain access to wider technical and commercial opportunities with Plexal’s industry partners across the UK’s cyber security ecosystem. 

Startups will keep all intellectual property and equity created during the programme. 

Chris Ensor, NCSC Deputy Director for Cyber Growth, said: “The UK has a thriving cyber security industry and I’m excited to get to work with our first five companies and bring their innovations to life. 

“Finding great ideas that can help protect all areas of society is a key part of our mission and we look forward to collaborating with more startups as the programme rolls on.”

The first five companies offer a range of solutions to issues including cyber fraud and ransomware. 


Helping employees stop online fraud in its tracks.

PORGiESOFT wants to be the Grammarly of cyber fraud detection. Its SenseText product uses AI to calculate a fraud risk score, providing a second opinion on suspicious emails.


Securing SME manufacturers.

Exalens equips SME manufacturers with advanced cyber security that tends to be reserved for large enterprises.

It does this through its threat detection and response solution and cyber-physical AI — both of which don’t require an in-house security expert.


Zero trust security for virtual public systems.

Enclave helps organisations take a Zero Trust approach by using overlaying networks that make private systems invisible to the public internet until defined trust standards have been met.

It’s on a mission to make security more convenient for organisations.


Securing apps that rely on open source software.

Using automation, Meterian secures open source software by building a scalable and sustainable line of defence for apps. It wants to empower time-pressured developers to become the first line of defence for security.

Rebellion Defence 

Software for defence and national security in the UK/automating penetration testing for the defence sector.

Rebellion Defence is a British-American software company building AI products exclusively for the defence sector and national security purposes.

Its SECURE solution helps organisations look ahead, focus their resources and proactively defend their systems and networks.