Market research platform Attest has raised £44 million in Series B funding.

Attest has achieved record revenue growth during the pandemic, driving the accelerated importance of customer and market understanding to organisations who are seeking competitive advantage and business growth. 

Attest has continued to support and grow its ever-expanding roster of clients, including Microsoft, Santander, Walgreens/Boots, Wise and Klarna. 

This latest round will help further accelerate the company’s already rapid expansion in both Europe and North America.

The SaaS platform aims to make checking ideas and actions with target consumers simple, so every business decision can be grounded in data. Surveys can be created and distributed to target consumers in as little as 90 seconds and it says the results are significantly higher-quality, more reliable, representative and delivered faster. 

The firm’s headcount has increased from 70 employees in early 2020 to over 140 today, spread across the company’s London and New York offices. Ambitious growth plans will see that number reach 200-250+ in the next 12 months.

Attest’s consumer reach has also increased, with brands now able to access more than 110 million people in 49 countries. 

“This latest funding round and our exponential growth in the last 12 months reflects the importance of what we do here at Attest, and the value that we bring to brands,” said founder and CEO Jeremy King. 

“During one of the fastest-evolving and most uncertain times, we have provided clarity and confidence for our clients, empowering them to make informed decisions with consumer data, to help organisations of all sizes survive and thrive during a pandemic.

“Complex, unreliable or quick-and-dirty data sources, as well as slow and expensive research agencies, no longer have to be the norm. By removing the difficulty of directly interacting with target consumers – the groups that businesses need to know the most, but can naturally reach the least – brands can access the most important inputs and data on a continuous basis, and get insight when they need it, wherever they need it. 

“We’re thrilled at all the possibilities that this latest funding round unlocks. The consumer voice will remain the most important voice for businesses, and that’s why we are all so excited to be able to boost more and more brands in more markets.”

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Attest’s latest funding round includes Silicon Valley venture capital firm NEA, tech investment firm Kismet and several other undisclosed large investors. 

Colin Bryant, partner at NEA, said: “Today’s investment underscores our commitment to Attest and our belief in their stellar team and innovative technology, which is revolutionising access to high quality consumer insights for brands around the world at such an exciting scale. 

“In the current climate, the need to tap into consumer behavior has never been higher, and we’ve seen how Attest has facilitated growth for brands across the pandemic. We foresee the demand for consumer data only getting stronger.”