The next episode of TechBlast’s podcast webinar series Launchpad features Colin Gray, founder of The Podcast Host and Alitu.

Launchpad, brought to you in association with Tyto PR, will reveal what it takes to scale a successful technology startup via honest conversations with entrepreneurs, investors & other key industry players who have a story to tell.

The Podcast Host is a business which helps podcasts to launch, grow and run their own show.

Technology platform Alitu is a simple tool for recording, editing and publishing podcasts. The all-in-one podcast maker is used by 2,600+ ambitious podcasters to ship their show – including Logitech, Harvard and Stanford Universities, Intuit, Workday and the NHS.

Launchpad will be streamed on and across social media platforms at 12pm on Friday 29th September. It will then be made available on YouTube and all major podcast platforms from Monday 2nd October.

The episode will cover:

• The evolution of podcasting as a medium

• How businesses can decide whether a podcast is right for them

• The findings of the ‘IndiePod Manifesto’ – based on census data obtained directly from 1,200 independent podcasters

• Practical tips for making a success of your podcast – ‘Rocket Fuel’

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