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Posted on February 1, 2019 by staff

Utiligroup, Chorley

Utiligroup, Chorley

BusinessCloud is shining a light on the North West's top 251 tech firms
BusinessCloud is shining a light on the North West’s top 251 tech firms

Utiligroup is a market leading provider of innovative software and services to the energy and utilities industry.

We make utilities smarter for everyone, serving Energy Suppliers, metering organisations and Distribution Network Operators and Traders, ensuring that energy consumers benefit from increased competition providing the best prices, improved service and ability to control energy through smart technology.

Utiligroup helps energy companies enter the sector responsibly, grow profitably through our advanced back office automation Software as a Service and lead competitively in embracing the profound changes introduced by technology innovation.

Our expert, passionate team helps to modernise energy in the digital era and support almost all the energy customer brands adopted by consumers today.

These brands have the trust and culture to engage customers in the new opportunities emerging from distribution in-premise or community energy production, storage, electric vehicles and usage flexibility that attracts financial reward.

The journey from the first stage of energy competition growth to future dynamic flexibility across homes, cars and networks requires profound sector change, which Utiligroup is at the heart of by engaging in the government change groups to establish the next baseline of empowering software for competitive leaders who will unlock this benefit for consumers.

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