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Posted on June 1, 2017 by staff

Stuart Logan, CEO, Twine

Stuart Logan, CEO, Twine

Stuart Logan
Stuart Logan

Stuart Logan is the CEO and co-founder of Twine, an online platform that helps companies hire quality creative professionals and freelancers to help grow their business.

Stuart has a degree in computer science from the University of Manchester, building on a passion for the power of technology that began when he started coding as a five-year-old.

Also a musician, Stuart fused his early love of music and tech by helping create YouTorrent, a torrent meta search engine aggregating music and film sources which peaked with over 100,000 daily visitors.

This experience, along with his love of artistic collaboration, ultimately inspired the idea behind Twine, a platform that empowers creatives.

Stuart met his business partner, fellow computer scientist and music enthusiastic, Damien Shiells, at University in 2004.

Between 2011 and 2013, the two built Amnis Technology, an ad-tech software company which grew in just over a year to a business earning £1.4m annual revenue and supplying six million downloads of its Windows utility products.

 The experience in marketing and scaling a business gained from building Amnis, combined with its financial success, afforded Stuart and Damien the chance to found Clowdy.

Both passionate creatives, Stuart and Damien saw the struggle creatives freelancers have to build their career and find other creatives to collaborate with. In response to this, Clowdy was born in 2013.

Clowdy was renamed as Twine in 2015 and launched the marketplace where companies can hire creatives at the end of 2016. They now have 220,000 creative professionals on the platform.