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Secarma, Manchester

Secarma, Manchester

BusinessCloud is shining a light on the North West's top 251 tech firms
BusinessCloud is shining a light on the North West’s top 251 tech firms

Penetration testing company Secarma provides advanced threat analysis, compromise simulation and tailored red team operations.

As a team of cyber security and ethical hacking specialists, it operates globally across a wide range of attack and compromise simulation disciplines — including web application, mobile, infrastructure, database, WiFi, ICS/SCADA, IoT and red teaming.

In addition to these testing services, its intelligence division provides an array of consultancy and training services.

With a high percentage of CHECK and CREST accredited cyber security consultants, it advises businesses of all sizes across the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa and North America — in both the private and public sector.

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