Posted on October 1, 2019 by staff

Sean Brown, founder, Mercarto

Serial entrepreneur Sean Brown has been building technology to redefine the industries he cares about the most since 2009.

Sean launched an influencer marketing platform which was acquired by the largest social media agency in Europe, Social Chain, and leveraged its impact for campaigns for the likes of Apple Music.

More recently, Sean was asked to do a Tedx talk on his inspiring journey after he launched Mercarto, a platform which provides the tools for any entrepreneur to build a fully functional eCommerce store with the ability to pull in various branded products from the centralised marketplace.

Mercarto has been built to reduce the barriers to entry in the world of commerce and alleviates various challenges, such as identification of manufacturers, the sourcing of products, supply chain as well as shipping and logistical issues.

Mercarto has since deployed its technology to a number of global enterprises with its bespoke and sophisticated marketplace PIM system that has been utilised to create a symbiotic ecosystem, giving businesses a true omnichannel approach.