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Posted on February 1, 2019 by staff

Radius Payment Solutions, Crewe, Cheshire

Radius Payment Solutions, Crewe, Cheshire

BusinessCloud is shining a light on the North West's top 251 tech firms
BusinessCloud is shining a light on the North West’s top 251 tech firms

In 1990 Bill Holmes set up a new fuel card company in the north of England called UK Fuels.

After more than 20 years of growth and development across Europe, Bill then led a merger of more than 25 smaller businesses to establish a new major company capable of competing on a global basis.

Radius Payment Solutions now have more than 21 offices in 14 countries across the globe, including a dedicated Technology Centre in the heart of Manchester’s tech community.

Radius provide a market leading range of products and services to the small and medium fleet sectors. Many major oil companies choose to white label their fuel card and telematics products, where Radius’ investment in technology and software innovation has provided them with a real edge in a very competitive environment.

Technology and innovation are at the core of their approach to the market, with their award winning in-house developed Telematics platform managing over 85,000 vehicles, ensuring they are now one of the world’s fastest growing companies in this sector.

A recent acquisition has introduced Radius Payment Solutions to the telecommunications market, where there is huge potential to further develop their core products and services.

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