Posted on April 1, 2016 by staff

Kenneth Muir, Prof of Epidemiology, Manchester University

Kenneth Muir, Prof of Epidemiology, Manchester University


Professor Muir’s main research interests are in the translational applications of the epidemiology of cancer and other chronic diseases and healthy ageing.

His work in these areas has attracted substantial funding from the UK’s leading funders into these conditions. In addition to charitable funders, significant funding has also been obtained from both governmental and EU sources.

Professor Muir is based at the University of Manchester where he is working on the pooling of epidemiological and gene-epi studies from the UK and around Europe to evaluate the interaction of risk factors for cancer and other common diseases.

The development, application and evaluation of integrated risk prediction models is an important translational aspect of the work.

In summary, Prof Muir’s reputation within applied epidemiology centers around the four areas as listed below and for which his work is recognised internationally: 

  • Gene and gene-environment interactions in the aetiology of chronic degenerative conditions and the practical applications of such knowledge including risk stratification and targeted screening
  • Developing risk prediction models on the effects and action of dietary and other non-genotoxic agents on cancer and their likely role in public health based interventions in the community
  • Lifestyle and other factors that influence healthy aging and maintenance of quality of life
  • The evaluation of interventions and strategies to reduce the burden of ill health and disease in the community