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Posted on October 1, 2018 by staff

Enploy, Birmingham

Enploy, Birmingham

Enploy features on our '101 Birmingham and Midlands Tech' list of the region's top firms
Enploy features on our ‘101 Birmingham and Midlands Tech’ list of the region’s top firms

Enploy helps students get ready for the world of work by helping them to think and act more entrepreneurially.  Having launched programmes with Barclays, Birmingham City University and Innovation Birmingham, Enploy has experienced widespread critical acclaim for its digitally enabled programmes.

Enploy was created in 2016 by Sallie Allen, who recognised that entrepreneurial skills had become a 21st century workplace requirement. To date, 5,000 young people have gained insight into themselves and benefited from Enploy’s entrepreneurial diagnostic and engagement platform.

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