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Posted on April 1, 2016 by staff

Elisa Mclean, founder, Queek’d

Elisa Mclean, founder, Queek’d

Elisa Mclean founder of Queek'd (Queek'd)
Elisa Mclean founder of Queek’d (Queek’d)

Elisa Mclean is the founder of an exciting new online dating comparison platform Queek’d and is one of many rising Spiritual Entrepreneurs in the UK.

With a clear vision and passion to positively influence online dating, the business was created from her personal pain point of not being able to access the right dating sites and services.

Since launching, the platform has welcomed new partnerships from the biggest names in the dating industry and is set to be the next Gocompare of the dating world; with an ethos that promotes positive dating and soulmate relationships. 

Outside of business Elisa loves coaching individuals and helping them become the best version of themselves, through intuitive coaching techniques.