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Posted on April 1, 2016 by staff

Ali Moiyed, founder, Aerobit Health

Ali Moiyed, founder, Aerobit Health


Ali, who also performs the role of chief innovation officer at Aerobit Health, is an engineer at heart and entrepreneur by trade and has made a career from fulfilling customer need through exciting new technology.

His most successful business endeavours include PrimaLink (a Salesforce CRM consultancy), VendPoll (an IoT venture that connects vending machines and measures their stock levels) and AccessPay (a FinTech venture that facilitates businesses worldwide with fast, convenient and centralized payment systems).

He cites his strength as identifying gaps in the market in order to innovate and disrupt.

The types of business venture that interest him prioritise innovation over invention, help society in general, have global market appeal and a strong commercial angle.