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Posted on February 1, 2019 by staff

+24 Marketing, Burnley

+24 Marketing, Burnley

BusinessCloud is shining a light on the North West's top 251 tech firms
BusinessCloud is shining a light on the North West’s top 251 tech firms

A disruptive agency that prides itself on its local roots, Burnley-based +24 Marketing was founded in 2010 by MD Dave Walker.

Ignited by a shared passion for making a difference to clients locally and internationally, the fourteen-strong team at +24 is comprised of experts and innovators, all based proudly within Lancashire.

Working with a wide range of clients, from local charities Pendleside Hospice and Burnley FC in the Community through to international brands including Screwfix, AkzoNobel and Ansell Lighting, this digital powerhouse is as versatile as it is fearless.

Specialising in all things marketing, design, social media, website design and development, bespoke software, and branding, +24 Marketing have made a difference to over 500 clients in its nine year span, and has its sights set on helping many more in the years to come.

For +24, 2019 marks the successful launch of The Landmark, a tech hub developed alongside Oscar-winning Burnley Bondholder, Mark Crabtree of AMS Neve.

In their mission to bridge the digital skills gap in the UK, +24 have also created an apprenticeship training programme with award winning apprenticeship provider, Themis.

These projects are driven by a desire to elevate Burnley’s digital sector and the digital prospects of the town’s next generation of leaders and creators within the sector.

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