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Rolls-Royce 300mph all-electric plane set for the sky

Rolls-Royce has completed testing of technology which is said to power the world’s...


InsurTech Honcho launches van insurance marketplace

Durham-based FinTech disrupter Honcho has launched its van insurance reverse auction marketplace. ...

London start-up’s new app hopes to save UK drivers £2bn

London start-up Caura has announced its first product, an app to allow UK drivers to manage their pa...

eBike firm eyes UK expansion after $40m funding

Dutch eBike brand VanMoof has said the UK is a key market for expansion following news of its $40m (...

Manna Aero

Thai food chain lines up drone delivery – and robotic chefs

Drone delivery is the long-promised alternative to delivery by scooter, car and van. But it has yet ...


‘Cycling app saved my life after I was left unconscious’

When Alexandra Callaghan went out for a quiet ride, she couldn’t imagine the circumstances in ...

Virolens COVID test

Heathrow CEO: Fast-track 20-second COVID test

A new screening device which can deliver COVID-19 test results in 20 seconds has launched.  The ...


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