Andiamo started with the simple belief that being a happy family is a basic human right. Any healthcare issues that impact this should be resolved.

The founders Samiya’s and Naveed’s son Diamo, was born in 2003 with cerebral palsy. During his short life, he endured endless visits to clinics and which had a massive impact on the family.

Knowing first-hand what life is like having a child with severe disabilities the goal was set. To deliver 10 million positive healthcare outcomes by 2030. Andiamo builds the technology, products, and services to make that a reality.

The first healthcare challenge Andiamo is solving are the problems caused by the declining number of clinicians in the orthotic and prosthetic industry.

Orthoses and prostheses can be life changing devices that can be the difference between walking and being in a wheelchair. This decline is leading to negative impacts such as reduced quality of the orthoses and longer wait times for the children who need custom orthoses such as spinal and ankle braces that support their posture and mobility.

Andiamo solves these challenges by using their AI platform technology called Avanti. Avanti uses clinical, 3D body, and outcomes data and uses automation and AI to enable healthcare organisations to deliver precise 3D printed medical wearables. Reducing costs and wait times whilst enabling a step change in clinical and quality of life outcomes.

The Avanti platform is currently being used in the UK and the Nordics and is also part of a £1.2million study with Barts NHS Health trust.

To accelerate the adoption of this life changing technology, Andiamo will be opening a centre of excellence clinic in central London on the 1st October 2019.

This clinic will treat children with long term conditions and be at the forefront in supporting and educating healthcare services and clinicians.

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